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Bag Sales Policy

Download a copy of our Bag Sales Policy.

Bag Sales Policy

At Dynamic Discs, we are proud of our bag line and believe we have set up a fair pricing structure. Thus since the day we began selling our bag line we established a suggested minimum pricing policy. This policy is not part of an agreement or contract. It is only a statement of our policy. If you choose not to adhere to our pricing structure, we may decide to no longer sell you our bags.

If our sales policy is violated, the following steps will be taken immediately.

  • 1st Offense – Warning
  • 2nd Offense – Minimum 6 Month Suspension
  • 3rd Offense – Indefinite Suspension

The following are some examples of sales practices that would violate our sales policy.

  • Advertising or selling our products at prices lower than the prices set forth in the Dynamic Discs suggested
  • minimum retail prices (which we can change at any time).
  • Selling or marketing our bags in a way that detracts from the Dynamic Discs premier brand image. Bundling products together with other brands of disc golf products where the aggregate price would put our bag below the prices set forth in the Dynamic Discs suggested minimum retail prices.
  • Selling packages (such as including discs and/or accessories) with our bags that would lower the retail price below our suggested minimum retail prices.
  • Selling bags in online auctions (such as eBay) with a starting price or a “Buy It Now” price below the prices set forth in the Dynamic Discs suggested minimum retail prices. Shipping and handling charges do not count toward the allowable listed price of an item.

This policy applies to all of our retail accounts, including in-store, catalog, online, and special promotions sales.

Dynamic Discs Suggested Minimum Retail Prices (Map)

Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack – $224.99

Dynamic Discs Backpack Disc Golf Cart by ZÜCA – $195.00

Dynamic Discs Eric McCabe Signature Series Ranger Backpack – $174.99 PRICE DROP

Dynamic Discs Ranger Backpack – $174.99

Latitude 64 Easy-Go Backpack – $139.99

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack – $124.99

Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack – $69.99

Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler – $64.99

Dynamic Discs Soldier – $49.99

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack – $39.99

Latitude 64 Bag Straps – $29.99

Dynamic Discs Bag Straps – $24.99

Dynamic Discs Marvel Captain America Cadet – $19.99

Dynamic Discs Cadet – $14.99

Latitude 64 Slim Jim/Bag – $14.99

Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler and Straps Combo – $84.99

Dynamic Discs Soldier and Straps Combo – $69.99

Dynamic Discs Limited Lifetime Bag And Strap Warranty

Dynamic Discs guarantees the Ranger, Commander, and Sniper bags to be free of defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser for the life of the product (original sales receipt required). For customer service please email us at or call us at 620-208-3472.


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