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Is there a minimum order?

$500 first time order and $250 for re-orders.

Where do I send the order?

What is the total on my order?

There is a calculator on the top of the order form

How can I get a Retail Display Unit?

Order 108 discs (excludes mini’s, misprints) on an order and leave a note in the order notes requesting a free retail display unit.

Where can I find pricing information?

Click here to view our Price Guide.

How do I sign up for the email newsletter to stay informed on new products and out of stock updates?

You can scroll down the bottom of any page on this website and click Wholesale Newsletter Sign-Up or you can click here.

My customer is having issues with a Dynamic Discs bag. Where do I send warranty claims?

Please ask your customer to email pictures

Where can I find tracking information?

You will receive an invoice via email once your order has shipped. Your tracking number will be at the bottom of that invoice.

Can I have a wholesale order form sent to me?

You can download it off the Order Form Tab or you can click here.

Has my order shipped?

If your order has shipped, you will receive an invoice via email and your tracking number will be at the bottom of that invoice.

Do you have a fax number I can send this order to?

Unfortunately, we do not have a fax number. Please email wholesale orders to

How can I become a BuyBack retailer?

Click here to read about our BuyBack Program and scroll to the bottom of that page to apply to become a BuyBack retailer.

Do you have a certain item I’m looking for in stock or on back order?

Download our most up-to-date order form and it will show you what products we have in stock. You can also check our recently restocked products on the homepage. We do not back order items and send them once they are back in stock.

I received a tracking number, but it isn’t showing me any information?.

Tracking will show information once UPS has scanned in your package. This may take 24 hours after your package has shipped.

Who do I contact with a billing question?

Who do I contact with a shipping question?

Where can I download products images or company logos?

Click here to visit our downloads page.


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