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ZUCA Distribution Policy

Download a copy of the ZÜCA Distribution Policy.

ZUCA Distribution Policy

Dynamic Discs is a proud partner of ZÜCA and within our partnership is a Distribution Policy for unauthorized reselling. Much like Dynamic Discs, ZÜCA prides itself on the quality of its products and unparalleled service when it comes to standing behind their products. Below outlines the unauthorized reselling policy that will go into effect immediately for all Dynamic Discs carts and cart accessories. We encourage any of our retail accounts to reach out to us if an issue arises.

ZÜCA stands by the quality of their product, and therefore supports a generous product warranty. To maintain their high standards of quality for both product and service, they only support authorized retailers. They do not allow or support unauthorized retailers or individuals to sell their product. They cannot maintain warranty for any product that is resold by an unauthorized retailer or individual, and therefore do not allow unauthorized reselling.

Selling or reselling of ZÜCA product online is not allowed outside of authorized retailer websites, per their policies. Retailers who engage in online auctions, raffle activity, or selling on social media are reselling online without authorization, and this is not allowed.

Authorized retailers, unauthorized retailers, or individuals who engage in auctions or raffles of ZÜCA product online are violating both of their policies above. Any retailer who supplies product to these individuals or unauthorized retailers is functioning as a distribution, which their retailer agreement does not authorize them to do.

They will pro-actively reach out to retailers or individuals who are acting as unauthorized resellers to enforce their policies so that they can maintain their product warranty for all customers. They will also trace the source of product involved in any unauthorized reselling activity and take appropriate action against the responsible party. If their policies are violated by an established retailer, the following steps will be taken immediately:

  • 1st offense – Warning
  • 2nd offense – Minimum 6 month suspension
  • 3rd offense – Indefinite suspension

This policy applies to all ZÜCA manufactured products including OEM co-branded products.


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